Redmi 9A Price – Amazing Bargain For a Great Product


The new Redmi 9A packs a punch! Powered with Media Tek Helio G Series Octa-core processors, the fourGB of ram supplies excellent overall performance for launching and navigating through windows applications, opening and switching apps, opening and switching home screens, running multiple browsers and many more. With the latest Windows platform installed on this powerful device, you can run your favorite Windows application with ease. With the support for the Windows Live Server, it also supports the famous Exchange ActiveSync which lets you access your email and your contacts from any location even if you are not at your desktop. It comes with a Windows Exchange Server optimization tool that allows you exchange data between your desktop and email in a hassle free manner. Redmi 9A

Redmi 9A has several advanced features like a Windows interface that comes preinstalled, a memory tight RAM that comes with Helio AG’s tuned architecture and a rich operating system support. The 2GB RAM comes with a built-in anti-virus protection to keep your email and files safe and secure. The built-in MSCONFIG utility helps you configure different user profiles. This appliance comes with a compact design that fits in a small space. The compact design helps keep important ports and connectors hidden to reduce the clutter. You can store all your important data and information in the computer, so you don’t need a separate storage area for this product.

Also, there is an upgraded Redmi 9A with a quad core mediatek helio g25 processor and two gigabytes of ram, an upgrade from the previous models. With the upgrade, one gets enhanced performance and higher memory size with an effective turbo boost. It has been equipped with four high quality cameras including the front and rear facing camera with a total user control. It also has a very efficient six speaker stereo speaker system with subwoofer output. Other attractive features are a timer, a remote start function, an intelligent power management, an integrated memory card, an active display and a one year hardware warranty.

Redmi 9A has two modes of operation viz. Stand by mode that gives you the freedom to use it on stand-by without any power connection and a mobile connectivity mode that helps you to access your mobile phone data while traveling with an active mobile phone. There is a very efficient virtual keyboard with large key size for fast and accurate input and greater facility of track pointing. The 2GB of internal storage capacity is enough to store all your important data, documents and pictures and at the same time provides adequate speed for multitasking.

The Redmi 9A can be used both as a desktop computer and a portable laptop. The laptop battery life is satisfactory and the compressed size permits the users to take the device anywhere easily. The two gigabytes of advance storage space provided by Redmi 9A help in saving lot of gigabytes of data. There is a neat dual LED screen with a high definition display, which gives bright images and sharp viewing experience even in low light conditions.

The weight of the redmi 9a comes down to 5 pounds. This amazing gadget comes with a long charging cable that helps in saving time. It is light in weight and is available at a price very affordable to all. You can find the Redmi 9A price at online shopping stores at a reasonable price. The product is sold with a three years guarantee and with free shipping to any destination in the US.

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